Survive APK Download [Newest Version] v1.0.2 Free For Android

survive APK

How would you feel when hearing some unknown screaming, coming from your hall, and you feel the intensity of the sound increase just like it comes near to you? I am sure most of you may have experienced such a creepy situation once in your life. And to evoke the same feeling and same experience we have some blast offers for you guys. And that survives apk. Survive apk is crafted in such a way that it will give you goosebumps and create a sense of realistic experience.

Survive APK

Survive apk is based on a story where the player experiences a creepy situation. He finds himself in an unknown world that is ruled by some mutant creatures. Thus players are supposed to make efforts to heighten the chances of their survival. During their journey, players have to conquer various challenges like they have to collect food items, water, and other essential utilities. In doing so, they just find some other survivors. Together they craft various defensive accessories like weapons and tools.

Though it seems simple it is not. Because the entire location is nearby by deadly creatures, all you need is to use your skills to defeat them. Survive apk has various modes. Based on each mode players can experience diverse situations enveloped by different demands and challenges. Customize your and upgrade your character. You don’t need to go for monetary investment rather earn coins and diamonds to purchase premium items.

Features of Survive APK:

  • Experience your gameplay with a smooth and simple interface hence allowing easy navigation.
  • Dive into a virtual realm that deals with real-world circumstances.
  • Get access to various premium items and customize your character.
  • Enjoy unlimited coins and diamonds.
  • Experience different modes of the game and boost your level.
  • This game costs nothing, just download it from the mentioned link.
  • It i compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
  • Survive apk game is engaging and players adhere to it for hours.
  • Simple to play and easy to understand.
  • The best platform to build social interaction.


Blast your day with Survive apk. This virtual adventurous video game is going to immerse you in such an experience that will trigger your goosebumps. Neither do you have to pay for it or visit any location physically. Just download the app and play alone. I am sure it would break the records of all horror video games. Remember my words this game revolves around one rule, either win the game or accept the loss. Now you decide what title you want for yourself. Also, Download the latest version of Text Now Mod APK From our website

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